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What it’s REALLY like to star on Naked Attraction, from auditioning nude on WhatsApp to pubic hair contracts and NO payment

What it’s REALLY like to star on Naked Attraction, from auditioning nude on WhatsApp to pubic hair contracts and NO payment

WITH a fifth collection of Channel four’s Naked Attraction within the pipeline, we have typically questioned… what actually goes on behind the scenes at telly’s rudest present?

Fabulous Digital chatted to three former contestants about what it is like to present your privates to two million individuals.

 Anna Richardson hosts Naked Attraction, the rudest show on TV

Channel four

Anna Richardson hosts Naked Attraction, the rudest present on TV

‘I received bare on WhatsApp in entrance of two strangers’

Mum-of-three Clare West, 33, from Nottingham, appeared on Naked Attraction in December.

Clare was feeling down a few relationship breakdown when she acquired an Instagram message from the Naked Attraction producers, asking her to be on the present.

“I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how they found me!” Clare, a hairdresser, informed Fabulous Digital.

“They arranged a video chat with me via my mobile. They asked me what I liked in a man. I told them I liked a medium-sized penis.”

 Clare West was approached by the Naked Attraction producers on Instagram

Channel four

Clare West was approached by the Naked Attraction producers on Instagram

Then – at their request – she stripped. “I used to be in my kitchen and I simply whipped off my dressing robe,” she stated.

“I rotated and they examined me. They complimented my physique which was flattering.”

Clare stated it wasn’t awkward and she felt completely snug. “I was in my own home and there was a man and a woman interviewing me,” she stated.

“I knew if I was going to get starkers on telly I had to be comfortable doing it on WhatsApp.”

 Clare, posing behind the scenes at Naked Attraction, had to audition on WhatsApp

Channel four

Clare, posing behind the scenes at Naked Attraction, had to audition on WhatsApp

 Clare was rejected because her shoulders were 'too wide'

Channel four

Clare was rejected as a result of her shoulders have been ‘too extensive’

 Clare was rejected by her date, Derry, but didn't fancy him anyway

Channel four

Clare was rejected by her date, Derry, however did not fancy him anyway

Every week later she travelled to Manchester for filming, which began at 7am.

Clare met the opposite contestants backstage – however not the person who can be choosing a date. It turned out he was referred to as Derry, a businessman. “I’m pretty confident and I love my 36C breasts so I felt all right stripping off in front of the cameras, crew and producers,” she stated.

Clare didn’t put together in any specific method for the present. “I’m always groomed and hair-free down there,” she stated. “So there was no need for me to do anything extra-special. And I only had a week to prepare so I didn’t get into shape – but I was going to the gym anyway. I didn’t even try out any special poses in front of the mirror.”

In the course of the first spherical Derry complimented Clare’s neat vagina and she went by way of to spherical two – however that is the place she received rejected. “He said my shoulders were too big,” she stated. “I wasn’t disappointed… I do work out and I’m proud of how I look and how I am strong. Plus I didn’t fancy him. He wasn’t my type at all.”

 Clare says it was a positive experience for her and she's still in touch with some of the other contestants

Channel four

Clare says it was a constructive expertise for her and she’s nonetheless in contact with a number of the different contestants

 Clare joked the temperature in the studio was a 'bit nippy'

Channel four

Clare joked the temperature within the studio was a ‘bit nippy’

Clare joked the warmth within the studio was a “bit nippy” however she beloved the expertise. “There was a bit of waiting around naked while they re-filmed takes, but I really enjoyed it,” she stated.

“And the girls who were naked were lovely. We all really got on. We’ve actually been in touch since. We have a WhatsApp group called Naked Attraction.”

When it got here to watching the present, she was joyful. “I thought I looked good,” she stated. “Though I did watch it alone. My mum, Tracey, 51, has since watched it however my dad, Victor, 49, refuses.

“I got such nice messages on social media afterwards and some clients at the salon recognised me too and were really positive. It’s been great. It’s boosted my self-confidence and although I’m still single it’s just what I needed after my breakup.”

‘I signed a contract confirming I wouldn’t shave my pubic hair’

Jimmy Ladgrove, 28, from Bristol, appeared on collection two of Naked Attraction in 2017. 

 Jimmy Ladgrove had to sign a contract saying he wouldn't shave his body hair

Channel four

Jimmy Ladgrove had to signal a contract saying he would not shave his physique hair

Jimmy Ladgrove was eager to participate in Naked Attraction after watching the primary collection with a pal.

He’s pansexual – gained’t outline who he fancies by gender – which he thinks made his software stand out. “I think they liked that I would date anyone: man or woman, but didn’t define myself as bisexual, and also I’ve got a distinctive look,” he informed Fabulous Digital.

Jimmy “had to sign a contract” saying he “wouldn’t shave” his foot-long beard, bushy chest and mane of pubes forward of his TV look.

 Jimmy has a very bushy, foot-long beard

Jimmy Ladgrove

Jimmy has a really bushy, foot-long beard

 Jimmy is pansexual - he doesn't define who he fancies by their gender

Jimmy Ladgrove

Jimmy is pansexual – he does not outline who he fancies by their gender

However he thinks his extra physique hair postpone a woman on the present. “I was going to pick her but she looked horrified when she saw me,” he stated. “You can’t hide your body language and she obviously didn’t fancy me – I’m very slender and hairy. I don’t think she liked that.”

Regardless of his private look, Jimmy doesn’t discover physique hair a flip on. “I’m not into beards on men and I don’t like pubes on anyone,” he said. “So when I was on Naked Attraction and confronted with a full bush I immediately said no.”

Jimmy discovered stripping off in entrance of the TV crew a wrestle at first and stated the audition course of was “quite rigorous”. He added: “I’m not that physique assured and all these individuals have been wandering round on telly, bare.

“But I found the series really inclusive. Channel 4 would pick anyone irrespective of body type and sexuality or race. There’s no airbrushing. It’s great – really positive.”

 Jimmy and his date chat to presenter Anna Richardson

Channel four

Jimmy and his date chat to presenter Anna Richardson

 Jimmy went on a date - where he revealed he was followed by producers

Channel four

Jimmy went on a date – the place he revealed he was adopted by producers

Jimmy picked “a couple of girls and boys”. “There were some replacements because some people back out at the last minute,” he defined. “There was a woman with a full bush, which I hate, and a huge penis winking at me – I don’t like big willies.”

Ultimately he selected to take the person on a date. They usually went out the subsequent day, adopted by producers. “We were given £50 to spend on drinks and got on well and kissed,” he stated. “It went really well, we had loads in common. We had a few dates but it fizzled out… he lived too far away.”


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Jimmy, who’s at present single, jokes his beard can get in the best way of intimacy. “It’s not very practical,” he stated.

He’d advocate individuals go on Naked Attraction – having been noticed scores of occasions on the street following his star flip. “I’ve no regrets,” he completed. “It’s lots of people’s worst nightmare but I had a ball.”

‘I obtained provided £200 to take my package off within the pub’

Jessica Derry, 20, from Stoke-on-Trent, has had a number of bizarre encounters since being on the present final yr – and her mum and dad nonetheless refuse to watch it. 

 Jessica appeared on Naked Attraction last year

Channel four

Jessica appeared on Naked Attraction final yr

Jessica Derry auditioned for Naked Attraction in a bid to “boost” her confidence.

Since her TV look she has been requested for selfies by strangers on nights out and provided £200 to strip at a pub.

“A pub customer said, ‘You got them off on telly, so why can’t you get them off in front of us?’ It was a bit weird,” she informed Fabulous Digital.

Contestants don’t receives a commission to seem on the programme, however do get £75 in the event that they’re on standby and not used.

Jessica utilized for the present after seeing an advert on Fb. “I’d not long given birth to my boy and my body confidence didn’t exist,” she stated. “I thought, why not let other people judge me on my body? I had nothing to lose.”

 Jessica applied for the show after seeing an advert on Facebook

Jess Derry

Jessica utilized for the present after seeing an advert on Fb

She had to naked all throughout a Skype interview with producers, which she discovered “funny and exhilarating”. 4 days later, she travelled to Manchester to movie her episode.

“I didn’t make any changes to my appearance before I went on the show – I’ve shaved my pubic hair since I was a teenager as I don’t like having a full bush, and I didn’t even go to the gym or for a spray tan,” she stated. “My baby was only eight months old, so I was quite exhausted to be honest.”

Jessica appeared in one of many pods and was turned down by Disney-obsessed virgin Josh, 20, the self-proclaimed “Southern Serpent” from Bristol, who stated he was postpone by her accent.

“He said I was too northern – even though I’m from the Midlands,” she stated. “It didn’t truly hassle me as a result of he wasn’t my sort.

 She says her parents have refused to watch her episode

Jess Derry

She says her mother and father have refused to watch her episode

 Jess, in orange, appeared on Naked Attraction last year

Channel four

Jess, in orange, appeared on Naked Attraction final yr

“He also said I had nice blonde hair and a nice smile, like one from a rom com. I’d been so nervous that he’d say things like I had a fat belly or that my vagina doesn’t look good, and he didn’t.”

Jessica solely advised her household and an in depth pal she was going on the present – however her mother and father refused to watch it. “I think my mum thought I was joking when I told her about it,” she stated. “My dad was like, ‘Well if I said no you would have done it anyway.’ Mum and dad went into another room; they still haven’t seen it, they said it felt too weird.”

Whereas being on the present hasn’t helped her to discover love, it’s given her a style for actuality TV. “I’d love to go on The Circle,” she stated. “I don’t think it’s my time to find love at the moment. When I went on the show I thought it was, but I’ve had a past relationship that wasn’t the best, so I think I’ve got to find myself all over again before I try to meet anyone new.”

Naked Attraction is produced by Studio Lambert. A Studio Lambert spokeswoman advised Fabulous Digital: “We cast in various ways that are convenient to contributors across the country.  In certain situations where a meeting in person is not possible, we offer alternative methods such as Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.”

Are YOU courageous sufficient to star on Naked Attraction?

Fancy being on Naked Attraction?

To use, you have to be aged 18 and over and a resident of both the UK or Republic of Eire.

In case you are shortlisted for the present you have got to bear a psychological evaluation by an unbiased psychologist, whereas the studio advise that a response can’t be assured due to a excessive quantity of candidates.

These keen to participate can register their curiosity by filling out this on-line type.

In the meantime, Cindy was a penniless teen mum on advantages – however is now loaded… and it’s all thanks to WEBCAM work.

And in additional Naked Attraction information, you will not consider the grim identify this lady calls her vagina.

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