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Final yr a bit nugget of data popped up momentarily on one among Michael Fremer’s Analog Planet present stories which may have slipped previous unoticed by many, however not by me. Michael was visiting the Analog Manufaktur Germany (AMG) room at the Munich High End HiFi Show (held from 11th to 13th Might 2018) and through the walk by way of of what was on show, and upcoming products, a quick mention was made from an upgraded power provide choice for the AMG Giro turntable which I reviewed favourably again in Might 2015 (1) My listening experiences during that assessment left such a robust impression, a lot so that it haunted me to such a degree that I really had no selection however to get a Giro for myself when funds and circumstances allowed. A convergence of things occurred in February 2017 (2) which enabled that to occur, and I have been enjoying the Giro ever since, basking in the wonderful music resolving means of this wonderful turntable.

AMG019_412x550Nevertheless in saying that there has all the time been an elephant in the room relating to this turntable that for me never went away, a niggle that such a superb, simple design that performed so highly ought to really have a extra substantial power provide than the tiny one it got here with. This elephant for me, perhaps had extra legs for me than for others because throughout the time period I did that AMG Giro evaluate I was additionally working on a comparative set of evaluations of power supplies for the Technics 1200/1210 direct drive turntable, and through that evaluation period (three) I had grow to be increasingly conscious because of that simply how a lot a difference power supplies might make, so my thoughts would now and again stray in the course of questioning what a better power supply may do to the performance of the Giro.

Honesty, Good for the soul, so they say.

Confession time earlier than I continue, I used to be as soon as very sceptical of the distinction that ‘upgrade’ energy supplies might make, in-fact I used to be down proper hostile to the concept feeling strongly that improve PSUs was a approach some corporations might fleece gullible audiophiles out of extra of their money. I feel Naim Audio might nicely have triggered this thought course of, but no matter whether or not it was this firm or not those ideas turned entrenched, and to me all energy supplies provided with the product, designed to work with these products have been all that was wanted. How incorrect was I? Very fallacious.

I freely admit I had a closed, blinkered mind relating to this and ultimately direct expertise blasted by means of, opening it up, and very shortly. Not only did the numerous energy supplies for the Technics 1200 make a really noticeable improvement in efficiency but in addition between the choices differing flavours of enchancment have been evident. (4) During my first Giro assessment that thought did pop into my thoughts, however the only choice handy was the provided ‘switching’ PSU, and as no other choice existed at that time I accepted the Giro as the entire it then was.

Ahead to final yr and on listening to there can be an AMG improve choice for a greater power provide I was keen to get an opportunity to audition one as soon as I might and that opportunity arrived just lately.

The AMG Giro Reference Power Supply


The new Giro PSU on the face of it seems to be similar to the PSU provided with the AMG Viella turntable, but not having a type of handy I couldn’t examine sizing, or development, however as greatest as I recall once I did see and handle a Viella PSU a yr or so in the past, and by the footage online, the new Giro Reference PSU seems to be near it.

AMG 05

The Giro Reference PSU is nicely created from brushed black metallic, front and back plates neatly held on with screws, with the entrance panel sporting the AMG emblem and an influence on indicator bulb. The back panel has a captive power cable of much thicker high quality to the initially provided PSU (5), which puts out 12Volts 30VA DC to the turntable. The flying lead from the again of turntable plugs into this cable. Aside from that there’s an IEC receptacle and a power on/off change on the again, beside the power out cable.


016_412x550The IEC socket will permit those that are so inclined to attempt higher high quality energy cables, something I really feel is worth it making an attempt, as that did make an improvement to the unique power supply performance. Additionally good the inclusion of an on/off change lastly permitting the energy supply to be powered on from the PSU, somewhat than the wall socket as was the case with an unique Commonplace  Giro power provide.

During the evaluate period I didn’t attempt different energy cables over the Audience AU24 lead I usually use with the Commonplace Giro ‘Switching’ PSU, as I didn’t need to add too many variables to the evaluate.

As may be seen from the following photograph the new AMG Giro Reference power provide is a fair bit greater than the unique Giro PSU.


Evaluate System

AMG 003_412x550

My system for the assessment included the following gadgets: AMG Giro turntable and 9W2 tonearm, AMG Reference tonearm cable, AirTight PC3 MC cartridge. Phonostage was the PassLabs XOno. Amplification was the Meridian balanced G02 pre-amplifier and the energy amplifier was the Meridian G55.  Speakers the Anthony Gallo Reference 2.1 speakers. Interconnects have been Atlas Mavros balanced XLR cables. Speaker Cable was Atlas Mavros. Power cabling was Audience AU24. No mains filters or conditioners have been used, although the system does acquire mains electrical energy by way of a devoted shopper unit and spur.

Music Used


Lifeless Can Dance – Into the Labyrinth


Thomas Dolby – Aliens Ate My Buick

and others.



Set up was relatively easy though I did should reorganise the again of my audio rack to accommodate the power provide, which whereas not giant, would not sit where the much smaller unique PSU sat. As soon as that was accomplished I sat the Giro Reference PSU on the granite plinth I had positioned at the aspect of my couch, beside the Goal B5 rack, and making sure it was switched off I plugged the rigorously dressed Viewers AU24 mains cable into the IEC power enter and plugged it instantly into the wall socket, which was also switched off.

Once all the things was switched on, the velocity management lights illuminated, platter rotating I used to be good to go for a first pay attention.

I really feel there are two ways of going about this type of thing, begin with the new item in place have a pay attention and see what’s what, then substitute with the unique element, and repeat the listening with the similar music, beginning with the last item listened to. In this case I opted to go from unique to new, so glad the new PSU was working ok I reconnected the as provided ‘switching’ Commonplace power provide, and sat right down to pay attention.

Up first was Lifeless Can Dance’s wonderful Into The Labyrinth album and I listened to the tracks The Carnival is Over, Birds, and In the direction of the Within. All the tracks sounded as I recalled, being very acquainted with how they sound on the Giro.


After a couple of minutes I had the Reference Power Supply attached and sat back to pay attention again to those tracks, and my jaw hit the flooring. The music that had simply crammed my room, just some minutes earlier than, was reworked. Being frank it was like listening to the album a brand new.

The first monitor I listened to with the Reference PSU in place was In the direction of The Within, the last monitor I had listened to with the Requirements PSU related. This monitor has a pleasant deep, extensive soundstage, with haunting vocals by both Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, which sit infront of a backdrop of sparse percussion, and drums, which slowly construct up, with layers of instrumentation added as the monitor progresses. There are notable moments in which a cowbell is being tapped which could be very three dimensional, present inside a really ethereal acoustic, and an instrument which has a scrapping sound which appears on the left aspect of the soundstage from behind Lisa’s voice. General the monitor could be very three dimensional and delightful to take heed to, and the Giro reproduces it very properly, with the Normal PSU in place.

As the monitor will get busy and layers of detail are added the Giro renders all of it nicely, with wonderful management, detail, and clarity. As an example what I feel is a tabla drum, comes in in the direction of the end of the monitor, and regardless of the swell of different instruments, it is potential to hear each tap upon the drums skin. One among the AMG Giro’s talents is to make complicated multi devices straightforward to hear and comply with, regardless of how dense the mix, the Giro resolves the element with wonderful readability. Can this get any higher I questioned. Time to seek out out.

All of the above comes from my notes with the Normal power provide related, wonderful stuff, nevertheless within seconds of beginning to take heed to the similar music with the Reference energy provide it was very evident that what I had heard earlier than, nearly as good as it had been, was not the full story relating to how good In the direction of The Inside might sound on this turntable.

In my notes I wrote, WOW!!!!!, in bold high block capitals.

The soundstage was wider, deeper, the acoustic actuality of the monitor effortlessly elevated. The area and air round devices and voices was better rendered, extra open and dimensional. What had been very three dimensional earlier than was a lot more now, stroll spherical more. The clarity, and detail retrieval, even the very smallest nuances extra obvious, indeed issues I had not heard or observed earlier than have been revealed during listening to this music.

AMG 008_412x550One very fascinating factor was in the area of intsrumental timbre, and tone, not one thing that had been missing earlier than, it too was additionally improved. I might never earlier than have stated that there was any trace of leanness in the means the Giro went about things and but including the Reference power supply had revealed slightly extra weight and richness to devices and voices. Its essential to note I am not speaking about heat or thickening here merely there was now more solidity, and believability to parts in the midrange frequency and in the bass. The Giro is well-known for being very fast to answer musical info, transients, to resolve them with no smearing or bloat and using the Reference energy provide didn’t effect that, it merely allowed the Giro to reproduce extra instrument tonal colour present on the recording.

The Carnival is Over also confirmed the similar type of enhancements. What is a simply beautiful piece of music to begin with was more beautiful, with elevated ranges of readability and detail evident. A part of the monitor that is typically very telling relating to enhancements is the end of the monitor when Brendan Perry’s voice sits in-front of and then fades into a cavernous acoustic, which then in flip fades away. As I sat listening this was among the greatest rendering I have heard of this part of the monitor by way of any medium, with Brendan’s voice retaining larger dimensionality and readability because it decays and fades into the acoustic.

Subsequent up was the monitor Birds, which I listened to with the Reference PSU after which as quickly as I might, after ending with it, the Commonplace PSU. With the Reference power provide the soundstage was large, extensive, deep and excessive with hen sounds at the beginning of the monitor projected nicely over half means out into my room on the right aspect of the soundstage and with the Commonplace PSU this shrank back noticeably. There was also a noticeable reduction in detail, readability and dimensionality.

As the monitor gets into its full tribal swing, and the mix extra dense and busy, percussion begins to pound there is a good bit of tight low bass happening. The bass notes have been tighter, deeper and more articulate, extra strong with the Reference PSU and considerably lowered with the Normal PSU. The soundstage was cavernous, of a stroll into measurement with the Reference energy provide and considerably shrunk with the Commonplace energy supply.

Lisa Gerrard’s vocals have been superb, very attain out and touch and stroll round in there dimensionality. Also of word was the method in which each strike on the drums skin resonated and decayed, having a readability and presence I had not heard earlier than.


After listening to Lifeless Can Dance I moved onto Aliens Ate My Buick by Thomas Dolby, one other favourite of mine for assessment use and more informal listening pleasure – an previous good friend of an album. Right here too there were giant improvements in sound high quality favouring the Reference PSU over the Commonplace one. The monitor Pulp is value highlighting, as I’m positive over saturating this assessment with numerous back and forwards comparisons of this album would shortly turn into boring.

Right from the get go, the bass copy on this album was easily the greatest I had heard, over very a few years of listening, both on digital and analogue gear. In different areas Pulp was also superbly reproduced, with the percussion delicate, open and ethereal, with some percussion parts in the right channel heard that I had by no means observed earlier than.

Half method by way of Pulp the music becomes extra mild with swirling synths interplaying with the other devices which then halts and the bass kicks back in with a loud, low observe. Nicely with the Reference PSU that observe had a weight, articulation, depth and punch I had not heard before. This was one other wow moment, frankly it was fabulous. Shifting back to the Commonplace energy provide this word lacked that weight, was smaller and fewer articulate, much less dimensional.

As earlier than the Commonplace PSU introduced a reduction in openness and clarity with a smaller soundstage and while the monitor still sounded excellent, it simply was missing a good bit, compared to the way it had sounded with the Giro Reference power supply.

As I listened to other tracks on these albums and others there was consistency on each genre with the Reference power supply all the time bringing extra to the social gathering, frankly it was a no brainer relating to which was better. I also involved a second set of ears and that listener also responded to the comparisons as I had, hearing enhancements in the similar areas that I had.


AMG001My in depth evaluate of  power provides for the Technics 1200/1210 turntable clearly confirmed me that in that case higher energy supplies improved the efficiency of that exact turntable, and by a large margin and so it was with the AMG Giro, the elephant in the room, no less than for me is now addressed, that question of what if now answered.

It might be straightforward to say that the Giro now has the energy provide the design all the time deserved to have, as an alternative of the one it got here with and still does. In away ignorance is bliss and for many I think they could just have accepted that the Giro did what it did with what it came with and that was that. Many might never have ever thought or questioned what a unique power provide may do to the Giro’s efficiency, merely accepting that AMG thought the provided one ok, and what the design labored greatest with.

The factor is with any product its all the time going to be a stability of compromises to satisfy a worth point and at the worth level the AMG Giro bought for I think that the ‘switched’ PSU was the greatest compromise to suit that worth level, and the Giro sounds wonderful with it, and its not simply myself that thinks that, but the many others who have reviewed the turntable do as nicely. Nevertheless what this assessment has shown is that the AMG Giro, as wonderful as it’s, may be improved by a better and this case, I think, a linear design (6) named the Giro Reference Power Supply.

Did AMG know the Giro could possibly be improved to this extent, and did they all the time have in mind to sometime supply a PSU upgrade choice? I simply don’t know. What I do know is that the AMG Giro turntable can now be improved, and that the worth of admission (800 Euros) is properly value it, the enchancment is so giant.

So in case you own an AMG Giro I might urge you to ask your AMG vendor when you can audition a Giro Reference power provide, and I strongly consider you may be shopping for one. I know what I am doing.

Extremely Beneficial


Retail Worth –

Europe -Euros 800

America  -$1000

Assessment Item Provided

Audiospace Ltd.
Telephone: +44 7980 983340
E-mail: [email protected]

Analog Manufaktur Germany (AMG)

E mail:


(1) Mine was, I consider, the first evaluate in English of the AMG Giro, both in print or online.

The AMG Giro Turntable and 9W2 Tonearm – Simply Amazing !

(2) Revisted assessment

(3) The Technics PSU evaluation interval was several years long.

(four) Technics PSU assessment

(5) Back view of the Normal Giro PSU


(6) I have not been able to find anything out about the PSU, bar the little information in that Munich present report. AMG’s web site as of this time is devoid of any info relating to the PSU.

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