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Powerful memorization techniques that boost performance

Powerful memorization techniques that boost performance

It doesn’t matter what you research or do to make a dwelling or in life there’ll occasions when you want to memorize one thing. This might be important to your research or enterprise however typically what you should memorize won’t be really easy to decide to reminiscence. You possibly can study and apply these memorization techniques a lot better when offered as actionable steps and they’re simpler to know with examples like these that we offer under.

Introduction to those Powerful Memorization Techniques

These reminiscence methods use not solely the memorization techniques introduced elsewhere, however I’ll additionally do higher by presenting them as actionable steps. Every step will set out the next.

  • I’ll current these memorization techniques as steps you possibly can comply with, and
  • I’ll clarify methods to do every step by means of instance.
  • Lastly, for every step I’ll provide the key ‘Memorization Technique Take-away’ factors.

Every instance for each step comes from a means I developed for college kids to memorize a considerably esoteric set of data they want for his or her work.

Reminiscence Methods for College students and for Enterprise

Everyone has one thing that will prevent time and impress others for those who can recollect it from reminiscence.

TheTechMentor.com helps many individuals with pc associated options. We assist pc techs advance of their careers from college students eager to study and grow to be a pc technician by way of to skilled techs who need to begin their very own IT enterprise.

memorization techniques for sudents

College students or Startups? Memorization Ideas ‘a plenty’ for you right here!

In fact college students will do higher figuring out some memorization techniques.

For the remainder of us, it can save you time when you might have memorized one thing you want time and again.

It’s going to relieve you from the necessity to look it up. That could be on-line in your pc, in your smartphone, or in some type of reference guide.

It could make you stand out and convey you respect as a result of most individuals by no means take the time to discover ways to memorize key info shortly.

The excellent news!

The excellent news is it’s a talent you possibly can study, the extra you employ them the better and faster these memorization techniques get.

I’m going to point out you methods to keep in mind some enterprise information that you want in your work.

My particular instance won’t matter to you, though it’s a nice instance as a result of it’s used to recollect the order of a collection of colours wanted to wire an Ethernet cable connector.

Identical to remembering a string of numbers (like telephone numbers), remembering a string of colours doesn’t come naturally to most individuals.

Step 1: Get the knowledge!

Does that appear too apparent? Cling in there; I promise we get to the great things very quickly!

This easy step comes first as a result of many memorization techniques state you must know or perceive the knowledge, and this isn’t strictly right. I make some extent to keep away from stating it this manner.

Moreover, I record it as a result of I need to break it right down to the simplest or elementary degree. It needs to be step primary!

Should you perceive the knowledge that may make it simpler, however it isn’t crucial.

For proof you possibly can think about a world reminiscence competitors requires rivals to memorize as many shuffled packs of enjoying playing cards as attainable in a restricted time. There isn’t actually something to know right here.

I suppose one might argue at some rudimentary degree that it helps to know what enjoying playing cards are and the way every card is organised with numbers or letters and with colors or pictures.

But I argue at a extra primary degree you would nonetheless memorize a collection of playing cards no matter they’re, even for those who by no means noticed that sort of playing cards earlier than. Subsequently, you may not likely have to know the knowledge or perceive it, however with out query, you do have to have it.

Our Instance Launched

Simple RJ45 Pinout Diagram

A easy RJ45 Pinout Diagram displaying Ethernet wiring

In my instance the string of colours my pc community college students need to keep in mind is out there in what is known as an RJ45 (Ethernet community) pinout diagram.

Some individuals carry a printout of those on the job till they keep in mind them.

That’s fiddly, sluggish and a problem.

Whereas it is perhaps considerably sensible for college kids in that state of affairs you don’t need to need to do that with every little thing.

Examine that to having a card together with your greatest good friend’s telephone quantity on it.

You may say that together with your smartphone you by no means keep in mind telephone numbers anymore. Ask your self what you’d do with a flat battery or when you left your telephone behind.

To recollect a good friend’s telephone quantity by wanting it up on a card you carry with you is ridiculous nowadays.

My level is that will help you see it’s a very sluggish memorization method.

Word: Should you use flash playing cards typically sufficient and for lengthy sufficient you in all probability will memorize it will definitely.

Nevertheless, we would like quick memorization techniques!

The Memorization Method Take-away

Getting again to you, caught someplace with out your telephone and pressing have to telephone a pal!

All isn’t misplaced, should you can borrow another person’s telephone and IF you will have memorized the quantity!

A lot better to shortly memorize that info utilizing these memorizing techniques. Are you bought on the thought? Okay then let’s agree and go.

I admit this primary step is fairly apparent and it’s extra motion than memorization method; it’s worthwhile to have the info or info first to have the ability to memorize it. So get yours (when you wouldn’t have a selected want, get your greatest good friend’s telephone quantity) and let’s start!

Step 2: The Begin – Make or discover one thing apparent as a spot to start out

That is so necessary that I almost selected to start out this complete listing of steps with it!

An apparent start line is important as a result of every little thing else hangs off the start line. Properly, even that isn’t strictly true, however you’ll memorize extra simply in that case.


My first step in educating the Ethernet wiring colour order was to determine that the primary shade pair is orange.

orange memorization technique start

The primary wire pair for his or her RJ45 wiring has an orange base shade

My purpose with this step was to provide my college students an apparent ‘hook’ as a place to begin. I ask, “What thing has a color that is also the name of the thing?”

The reply 99% of people that use the English language will provide you with is an orange, as a result of an orange is orange.

I might apply some warning to referencing that statistic as a result of individuals make up on the spot 99% of statistics meant to point a gross generalization!

An orange wire pair is how the scholars begin as a result of an orange is orange – so apparent that they cannot overlook.

Memorization Method Takeaway – Your Second Step:

Discover one thing apparent. Go searching your topic at a primary degree to seek out an apparent and straightforward start line. It’s okay if you have to regulate or refine this apparent start line to tailor it to your state of affairs as a result of we will and can do that in a later step.

Step three: Construct a Community of Pictures and Different Senses Round It

You are able to do this in numerous methods, and the extra the higher in reality.

A greater community of hyperlinks between and round your topic makes it more durable to overlook.

Think about a gold ring (my valuable!) hanging by a single thread. If the thread breaks, the ring will fall. If there are a number of ties then for those who lose any one among them, the others nonetheless maintain it sufficient that the ring won’t fall.

This picture is a bit of summary I do know, though it’s fairly just like how our neurons join in a number of methods to assemble our brains and our reminiscence works the identical.

neural network

Interlinked nerve cells in a neural community.

A easy piece of data you solely want to recollect for a short while may solely require a easy picture or story.

You’ll be able to keep in mind a bigger quantity of data that it’s essential retain for an extended interval with a extra detailed and inter-linked community of concepts or story.

There are various methods to do that for reminiscence. You can also make it visible, make it audible, search for patterns, and so forth.

This step is so broad and actually accommodates so many mnemonics (or memorization techniques) that we’ll break it down into smaller steps.

My Instance

For my instance, keep in mind they should keep in mind a string of colours. Fairly troublesome.

I made my college students a rhyming riddle or poem that units out the colour order they should keep in mind. The lyrics have rhythm and logic that assist them keep in mind the poem.

There’s additionally sample that I level out which as soon as noticed makes remembering key elements of it straightforward.

Then I went ‘above and beyond’ that and created a picture that is amusing (to me) and that helps the poem. Some college students simply assume it’s foolish, which additionally works.

Okay I admit I get forward of myself…

Your Memorization Method Takeaway

The factor to watch right here is that there are a number of concepts or strategies all linked collectively that help memorizing the collection of colours.

Allow us to take a look at these instruments to make a community round your info, as additional steps in additional element, so you are able to do it too.

Step four: Create or Use Photographs

A very long time in the past, a mentor advised me we expect in photographs.

Don’t consider an Elephant!

Have you ever ever had somebody say to you “don’t think of an elephant”? Earlier than you already know it, a picture of an elephant popped earlier than you in your “mind’s eye” earlier than you possibly can erase it.

I need to agree it appears true that we expect in pictures, or at very least pictures are essential to these of us with a robust visible sense.

I consider pictures are simpler to recollect as a result of there’s extra info in a picture than you may at first understand, thus giving extra pure hyperlinks inside your mind to it.

Have you ever ever heard that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? That seems like one other a type of gross generalizations for which the statistics are a bit rubbery!

elephants have good memories

Elephants have good reminiscences, and we do appear to assume in footage to a point. I’m wondering if that is why somebody thought to ask, “don’t think of an elephant”?

One of many memorization techniques for remembering numbers is to show every quantity into a picture. A four×four automotive can simply symbolize the quantity four, for instance. When you think about a four×four automotive towing a tree trunk that by some means stays vertical (unusual and subsequently extra memorable), that might symbolize a four adopted by a 1.

We do appear to be visible creatures and this can be a very helpful one of many memorization techniques introduced.

For Instance

For my instance, I inform my college students to recollect an Orange as their start line. Then I present a picture I created, which has an orange on the prime. On this case, it’s a quite simple cartoon fashion picture.

I current the general collection and poem in a picture of a number of elements. I positioned the orange on the prime as a result of we learn left to proper and prime to backside, so there’s by no means any doubt the very first thing is the orange!

The Memorization Method Take-away for You

Take into consideration what picture represents your info, and finally for every a part of it. Your picture is perhaps quite simple like in my instance, or it could be very wealthy detailed picture.

What you selected will rely in your state of affairs.

A string of associated or interacting pictures will can help you keep in mind a collection of issues and lots of info.

Step 5: Optionally available – Use Sounds, Rhythm or Music

Some individuals have heightened auditory senses. Sounds and music are extra significant to them than to others. You could be extra suited to make use of this than you assume.

You possibly can converse telephone numbers with a rhythm and tone that helps keep in mind them.

Typically when recalling a telephone quantity you’ve got memorized you’ll not say it aloud, nevertheless the rhythm will probably be there in your thoughts, serving to pump out the sample so as.

Our College students’ Instance

My college students want to recollect eight colours within the pin out order, so this lends itself properly to a bit riddle with two colours per line, making solely 4 strains in complete. There’s a pure rhythm to the poem and the second and last strains rhyme.

This memorization method shouldn’t be all the time used, but the extra hyperlinks you construct to your info, the better will probably be to recollect.

The Memorization Method Take-away For You:

Are you able to make up a bit of rhythm, poem, ditty or music to help your reminiscence of your info?

I stress that you possibly can converse telephone numbers with a rhythm and a point of tonality (i.e. rising and falling tones as spoken). Why not attempt to embrace this each time you must keep in mind one thing? You could discover it really works for you.

Moreover, in case you are to show or impart info to a group, consider somewhat rhyme that might assist them keep in mind.

Step 6: Search for Patterns

Evolution has wired our brains to note patterns. I anticipate this pertains to the interconnected nature of wiring inside our brains. Patterns are a type of many hyperlinks. Word they are often in audio type along with visible.

Any sense or logic can have patterns. This types one other of our memorization techniques to see should you can apply to your knowledge.

Typically you could have to be somewhat artistic to see the sample. Look ‘from the side’ or assessment your knowledge another way to see in case you can discover one thing.


For instance, the string of colours my pc college students want to recollect are how wiring pairs are related.

A white stripe distinguishes the wires pairs with the opposite having a strong shade.

In my instance the primary colour is white-orange after which orange. The wiring format most frequently used has a sample one can see in the event you search for it.

In reality, if one research the RJ45 Pinout diagram, you possibly can see that each first shade of two has a white stripe. That is our sample!

If a scholar realizes this then they know that each odd quantity wire has the white striped model first. This makes the primary two colours of their collection white-orange then orange.

This sample isn’t damaged. Regardless of which wire they’re as much as within the collection, college students know that the primary has a white stripe and the second is a full-color wire. That is very useful additional hyperlink to recollect the string of wiring colours.


On this instance, you’ll have observed that we picked our straightforward start line as orange as a result of an orange is orange. Nevertheless for those who observed that the primary wire is white-orange (the orange wire with the white stripe) and that we adjusted our ‘obvious starting point’, then you definitely win bonus factors!

Right here our instance exhibits what I wrote earlier; you possibly can tweak your apparent start line utilizing one of many memorization techniques within the subsequent steps!

Key Memorization Method Take Away

The take away for you is that patterns are mechanically simpler to recollect after you have recognized them, as a result of they naturally make extra connections inside our mind with out us even making an attempt. To embed this memorizing method, search for patterns in your knowledge.

Step 7: Search for a break within the patterns

Typically a break within the sample could be very noticeable, after you have first recognized a robust sample. As soon as observed it provides one other tie that will help you keep in mind.

This step in our memorization techniques can also be worthwhile for an additional cause. In case you are to recollect appropriately the complete sample of data, you have to pay attention to any modifications from the obvious primary sample.

In any other case, underneath strain or when the reminiscence is distant you may get it incorrect by assuming the only sample holds.

Our Instance

In our instance, most odd and even numbers have the identical base colour of their wires. We learnt the primary two have a base colour of orange (and the primary pair we noticed was white-orange and orange).

When you have a RJ-45 pinout diagram, you’ll be able to see that the final two colors even have the identical base colour of brown. They’re white-brown brown. (Discover once more there’s that white-wire first.)

The break on this subsequent sample we’re contemplating, is that the center two units of wires would not have the identical base.

I present the scholars that after orange wires there’s white-green with a strong blue wire. This breaks a potential sample of base colours all the time being paired so as. The subsequent pair are additionally of various colours.

It’s useful to know that NOT each two units of wires so as has the identical colour base!

Memorization Techniques Take-away

The very fact you discover a change of the sample provides an additional tie or hyperlink to the knowledge you need to keep in mind. Each little hyperlink helps and typically the change from the sample is most necessary to memorize your info appropriately.

Step eight: Make it Painful, Humorous or Emotional

Our brains have a robust emotion performance. I don’t imply we’re all ‘emotional’ within the sense that all of us categorical our feelings strongly.

I’m referring to the very fact that all of us have issues we like and don’t like.

We now have all had experiences we really feel have been painful and a few have been enjoyable.

A few of these experiences have such robust emotional ties that we will always remember them.

We will use this to create a strong potential to recollect no matter we need to memorize. It makes associating one thing we need to keep in mind with a robust emotion that we cannot overlook one of the crucial highly effective memorization techniques.

If you wish to enhance reminiscence energy, keep in mind “no pain, no gain” additionally works for memorization! Okay so the method is broader than that. Nevertheless, I throw it in there as it’d assist serve you as a reminder to make use of feelings.

Subsequent we take a look at our instance to see how to do that step.

Our RJ-45 Pinout Instance

RJ45 pinout memorization techniques

The RJ-45 pinout diagram poem image for our college students. A part of many memorization techniques (or mnemonics) networked collectively!

In our instance for the scholars making an attempt to recollect web cable wiring colour collection, the pinout poem is in riddle format. It has a line that says, “What green eyes are blue?” I imply the phrase blue within the sense of unhappy or lonely.

Many songs check with somebody’s eyes being ‘blue’ when they don’t seem to be blue in shade. Have you learnt of such a track? (That’s highly effective reminiscence in motion!)

With this poem is a cartoon fashion image with little critters with inexperienced eyes that are crying. Whereas I won’t appear to have a lot empathy, to me it’s a humorous little picture.

You can’t assist however keep in mind that the eyes usually are not blue however the critters are unhappy and ‘blue’.

The wire colours they should keep in mind at this level are inexperienced and blue. They will simply keep in mind that the query within the poem asks what inexperienced eyes are blue.

It will not make sense the opposite means round.

Memorization Techniques Take Away(s)

The purpose of this memorization method is that utilizing the emotional facet of our being permits us to make the most of extra of our entire mind fairly than simply visible half or solely the logical half, giving stronger ties to the knowledge and higher capacity to recollect.

  1. Emotional occasions might be fast triggers to memorize quick.
  2. Embrace highly effective emotion to enhance reminiscence energy.

Step 9: Hyperlink in Order to Keep in mind a Collection in Order

If it is advisable to keep in mind info in a collection, make the hyperlinks of concepts or photographs in that order or as a narrative the place one half flows to the subsequent. “A place for everything and everything in its place!”

This one of many memorization techniques could be very helpful. A lot that some individuals use it as THE complete memorization method.

To make use of it, pay attention to a string of belongings you already keep in mind or know, like physique elements. For instance (sing it if you realize it!), the foot bone is related to the ankle bone. The ankle bone is related to the shinbone. The shinbone is related to the knee bone… nicely you get the thought.

loci memorization techniques

Use the tactic of loci utilized to the physique. One of many extra highly effective memorization techniques for issues so as.

As you make you method up or down the physique you’ve gotten your already recognized ordered listing to ‘attach’ or ‘hang’ your new record onto.

In case your listing has a hat, hopefully it’s at quantity ten so it ‘lands on your head’ with this technique, LOL!


There are a number of variations of this technique. An historic reminiscence method (in all probability how we all know of this immediately) depends on remembering elements of your own home or property so as.

This provides you ready-made locations to mentally retailer (or relatively ‘associate’) many new gadgets.

You possibly can select to stream by means of the place in the identical order each time (for instance from the entrance door) to recollect the newly related gadgets so as as you mentally arrive at every place.

We all know this system because the ‘method of loci’ (Latin for locations) or thoughts palace method.

For me this works nicely however it isn’t the quickest of memorizing techniques once you begin out. As you will notice, I quickly contradict myself under as a result of it is determined by the way you take a look at it – or relatively how a lot you put together.


  • Firstly you must construct you string of issues you’ll use as your recognized collection. Some may argue you already know the listing.
  • Secondly, you must memorize how you plan to stream via the gadgets so as.
  • Thirdly, you need to construct associations with these locations or elements of the recognized record, which could be a little weak if you don’t use the opposite memorization techniques.

Preparation makes it quick!

The irony is that, as soon as ready it may be very quick! One of many quickest memorization techniques if used appropriately.

Apply makes it highly effective!

The analogy is these psychological gymnastics are like workouts on your muscle tissue. Do the little psychological push-ups that are constructing the associations and recalling them by flowing by means of your pre-built record. In time, you can see it simpler.

In case you follow this system, you’ll enhance reminiscence energy, little question.

For my part, it’s a fantastic strategy however it’s a little skinny until supported by use of a few of these different steps, notably throughout phrase affiliation out of your gadgets to the recognized record.

In different phrases, don’t overlook step three!

Mentally place info so as as we learn or as we see them in our thoughts’s eye. One factor hyperlinks to the subsequent so it’s straightforward to recollect the entire string from the beginning. That can also be why we need to make the start line so apparent you’ll be able to’t overlook it.


In our instance college students keep in mind an orange first after which that the little critters have inexperienced eyes that are unhappy and ‘blue’. We first determine what it’s, the inexperienced eyes, then describe them, unhappy or blue. Inexperienced first then blue. As we emphasised the very first thing to recollect is an orange which is orange.

The primary 4 colours within the community wiring collection are white-orange, orange, white-green, and blue. You possibly can see having observed the sample that all colours have the white stripe first additionally helps keep in mind the entire order appropriately.

Your Memorization Method Take-away

Hyperlink one factor to the subsequent so as.

If you would like you’ll be able to determine an inventory of belongings you already know that you possibly can comply with by means of so as, like your physique elements. Apply constructing associations with you recognized record. This memorization method can take some effort to arrange and to follow.

Upon getting mastered it, it additionally may be very quick, as a result of when you’ve gotten a string of belongings you already keep in mind, you’ll be able to shortly create an affiliation to that ready-made listing. BAM! There’s your prompt new listing memorized so as!

  • Any considered one of many memorization techniques are nice and they’ll assist you decide to reminiscence virtually something.
  • Do attempt to mix multiple method to make sure you have a number of hyperlinks to essential knowledge.
  • Follow the memorization techniques that you favor or that you discover work greatest for you.

Step 10: Decide to Reminiscence and Revise it to Retain it Longer

That will help you keep in mind what you’re committing to reminiscence, go over it a number of occasions. This helps for any of the memorization techniques.

  • You possibly can go over it with pen and paper, Writing it out time and again. This can be a nice technique for college kids at virtually any age.
  • You possibly can go over it in your thoughts’s eye once you lie in mattress earlier than sleep (and if you get up).
  • You possibly can go over it in no matter different approach you may creatively provide you with!

For instance, take into consideration the pictures, sounds or concepts you created and the way you constructed what hyperlinks them collectively. Remind your self why you considered every concept and the way it items collectively.

You possibly can take into consideration the general piece too. This helps remember it by reinforcing these networks.

The mind has several types of reminiscence: lengthy and brief time period.

To recollect one thing long run, it helps in case you revise it a number of occasions to transform the reminiscence from brief time period storage.

I suggest you revise the knowledge at sure intervals in a recurring trend. This teaches your mind that you’ll revisit the knowledge, and by some means lets it know to retailer it in part of the mind for repeated reuse.

This is a vital memorization method in its personal proper. It isn’t about the way you study to retailer the knowledge, it’s about coaching your mind that you’ll need this info once more.

This enables your mind to recollect it if you ask for it!

For one thing you simply want to recollect for in the future, you may revisit it a number of occasions over a couple of minutes. For one thing you need to keep in mind long run, give it some thought day by day for a couple of days after which as soon as every week, after which maybe as soon as a month. Precisely how typically you want to revisit it is dependent upon you.

For me, I’ve discovered that if I give it some thought morning and night for a number of days in a row it helps commit it to long run reminiscence.

Ultimately with the correct stability of revision you’ll keep in mind something long run when you have dedicated it to reminiscence. You possibly can study one thing by wrote (i.e. simply saying or writing it time and again, like your multiplication tables). Offered you revisit it and proceed to make use of it, then you’ll proceed to recollect it (like your multiplication tables!).

Sooner or later in time you gained’t want to recollect the associations that helped you get it in into your head. You’ll simply ‘know it’ and can be capable of sprout it with out serious about it.

With homage to ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’, I don’t understand how my mind remembers that six sevens are forty-two. I simply know that it’s!

calculator confirms memorization technique

I assume this calculator is simply proof that these multiplication tables I discovered by wrote nonetheless are there and proper!

If you need to memorize something it is going to possible assist should you throw in a mixture of memorization techniques. The steps assist allow use of those memorizing techniques for college kids and for enterprise house owners and staff. They are often straightforward to study if you comply with the actionable steps set out above. Begin with getting the knowledge and search for a very apparent start line. You possibly can harness two of probably the most highly effective memorization techniques whenever you use your feelings and whenever you use the ‘method of loci’. Good luck with you efforts. Keep in mind apply makes good and positively a extra highly effective reminiscence! Be happy so as to add some other techniques I missed that you discover useful within the feedback under.