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It’s back with a new identity, it’s Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowflakes…

It's back with a new identity, it's Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowflakes...

THERE’S one thing a bit unnerving about anybody over the age of about ten who provides a lot of a rattling about Doctor Who’s gender.

The obsessive followers who can clarify precisely why it shouldn’t be a lady are an apparent concern, however they at the least love the present above all else.

 Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker, left, and the team gawp at another politically incorrect alien that needs to be set straight


Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker, left, and the staff gawp at one other politically incorrect alien that must be set straight

One thing you definitely can’t say about the BBC’s drama division, which clearly thinks the very common Jodie Whittaker is its Tiananmen Sq. second. Gandhi, Emmeline Pankhurst and Nelson Mandela all rolled into one.

How are you going to inform? The plot. Or virtually full lack of it, to be extra correct.

Three episodes into its new run and regardless of what number of time vortexes the Tardis spins by way of she nonetheless can’t discover one.

First week we acquired the Jolly Inexperienced Big model of Rob Beckett, who was making an attempt to put waste to Sheffield, unaware that the metropolis council had already crushed him to it.

Doctor Who sees Jodie Whittaker reunited with the Tardis as the time-jumping area ship returns

The second, so far as I might make out, was Mad Max: Past Aggressive Sports activities, and you might inform by the sincerity with which the forged stored shouting: “What’s going on?” that none of them knew what the hell was happening, probably as a result of the storyline had been eaten up by some fairly stern lectures about gun management.

If the sense that each single episode was now going to be Doctor Who and the Curse of the Snowflakes had already been rising, it was confirmed by Sunday’s vacation spot.

Alabama, segregated America, 1955, the yr of well-known bus boycotts and a piece of historical past that might make ­Spielberg gulp at the duty.

Not Auntie, although, who simply noticed it as one other alternative to evangelise. So no sooner had the gang ran into Rosa Parks, heroine of the civil rights motion, and some poor sod pretending to be Martin Luther King than they’d met a racist white alien, Krasko, who was trying to re-wire historical past by the time-bending trick of fly-posting some bus cancellations.

 The first of the new Doctor's foes makes an unwelcome appearance in Sheffield


The primary of the new Doctor’s foes makes an unwelcome look in Sheffield

Not a lot of a menace then, however boy-oh-boy did viewers ever get a telling off, not nearly 1950s America however about the perceived injustice of recent day stop-and-search legal guidelines, which should have enchanted all the seven-year-olds watching.

However, hey, why hassle with leisure when you possibly can fill youngsters’s heads with political propaganda?
To be trustworthy, although, the reality Doctor Who’s Rosa episode was so pompous, preachy, self-righteous and clumsy was hardly a shock. What did stun me, nevertheless, was the sudden realisation I’d seen it earlier than. It’s Quantum Leap, clearly, however not simply the primary time-traveller-guarding-history concept.

It’s episode seven of collection one, from Might 1989, referred to as The Shade Of Fact, which was additionally set in 1955 Alabama, adopted the similar narrative and, like Rosa, even completed with a rousing music of defiance (We Shall Overcome) as an alternative of the theme tune.

 Scott Bakula in the classic US sci-fi series Quantum Leap

Scott Bakula in the basic US sci-fi collection Quantum Leap

The distinction, in fact, was that Scott Bakula’s Quantum Leap delivered a highly effective message with allure, subtlety, humour, a correct story and a nice script.

The Beeb present did it with a mallet over the head.

If Doctor Who now lacks any originality, although, it’s definitely not brief on provides of irony, given the BBC — which continues to be embroiled in its personal gender pay hole row — is utilizing it to lecture the remainder of us about equality.

Opposite to the perceived knowledge, nevertheless, there isn’t any lack of excellent TV roles for feminine actors. Fairly the reverse.

 Jodie Comer, left, and Sandra Oh in the powerful Killing Eve

Jodie Comer, left, and Sandra Oh in the highly effective Killing Eve

And if you wish to see it accomplished properly, with out an agenda, you want solely watch BBC1’s Killing Eve.

But I get the impression drama now firmly takes second place to preaching from watching Sunday’s episode, which ended with the Doctor misplaced in marvel at the asteroid named after Rosa Parks: “The woman who changed the universe.”

Although, level of reality, there are additionally asteroids named after Lance Armstrong and Phil Spector and a revolving lump of rock, someplace out in the universe, referred to as Sandra Bullock. And arms up everybody who wouldn’t thoughts Jodie Whittaker touchdown on that exact planet?

Sexist pigs . . .

Jodie Whittaker referred to as David Tennant for recommendation after touchdown Doctor Who position

Doughnuts all want topping

SHORT of sending the candidates to a bell foundry and telling them “I’d like you to make the ends”, final week’s classic Apprentice activity actually couldn’t have been much less delicate.


 Frankly, Frank, you got what you deserved...fired!

Frankly, Frank, you bought what you deserved…fired!

Full and utter doughnuts, that got here in two distinct flavours, Sort 2 diabetes or nerve agent, and all appeared about as appetising as chimps’ tea get together turds.

The actual confusion, nevertheless, was whose doughnuts belonged to which group, as Sugar’s combined up the boys and women barely too quickly and even considered one of the new challenge managers, Tom, couldn’t keep in mind what his new rabble was referred to as.

One factor’s for positive, although – even with out a stand-out a***gap on this yr’s line-up, there’s no scarcity of candidates who want their marching orders.

With particular precedence to be given to tongue-tied Kurran Pooni, Jasmine “basically a machine” Kundra and Daniel Elahi, who tried to elucidate away the dough- nut catastrophe by telling a buyer: “I know there’s inconsistencies, but the inconsistencies are consistent.”

 Smart, yet maybe not so smart, Apprentice hopeful Kurran Pooni

Sensible, but perhaps not so sensible, Apprentice hopeful Kurran Pooni

The curly finger of doom, although, ultimately began pointing in the path of extremely camp Frank, who got here up with the worst suggestion of the episode and probably collection: “What about fire in the hole?”

I’ll move thanks. And you may acquire your little wheelie suitcase on the method out.

Nice sporting insights

Paul Merson: “No way are United players trying. And if they are, they’re not.”

Steve McManaman: “United got a goal back with 20 minutes left and now it’s 2-2 there’s even more time left.”

 Footballer turned, er, kinda pundit

Getty – Contributor

Footballer turned, er, kinda pundit

Shadow Sports activities Moron Rosena Allin-Khan MP: “The long-term effects will be felt for a long time.”
And Jose Mourinho: “My answer is ‘no answer’.”

(Compiled by Graham Wray)

• EASTENDERS line-of-the-autumn. Rainie: “It’s called acting, Max, and as you know I’m very good at it.” Talk about.

Strictly in Robbie’s goals

AS if the humiliation of Sean(n) Walsh copping off with his spouse wasn’t embarrassing sufficient, they received Katya Jones’s husband, Neil, to wheel on Strictly’s phrases and circumstances display, this week, behind which, Anita Dobson was lurking.

An unquestionably merciless piece of TV theatre, however infinitely extra entertaining than something that occurred on the first reside week of The X Issue, the place the theme was “THIS IS ME”. Or, because it’s additionally recognized, persistent fatigue syndrome.

 Robbie Williams now has the gushing X Factor judge thing down to a T

Rex Options

Robbie Williams now has the gushing X Issue decide factor right down to a T

An excuse, in fact, for many of the contestants to trot out their sob tales earlier than murdering an ego-driven pop normal or, worse nonetheless, “one of their own songs.”

Nevertheless dangerous issues received, although, the performances have been all the time adopted by some insanely wild reward from the judges, with the absolute biscuit-taker turning out to be Robbie Williams, who informed Acacia and Aaliyah they’d “conquer America,” and provided this little bit of wishful considering to Olatunji: “That song didn’t exist ten days ago. You’ve just wandered into a studio, sung it to eight million people and that is . . .”

A lie? Optimistic? Together with all the catch-up viewers and voices in Robbie’s head?

Who is aware of, however I’d stick with Strictly Come Dancing, the place, subsequent week, Neil Jones shall be dry-cleaning Anton du Beke’s jockstrap, banging on dressing-room doorways and shouting: “Five minutes ’til transmission, Miss Daly.”


The Chase, Bradley Walsh: “The logo of Uefa has a representation of what continent on it?”

Tracy: “The Isle of Man.”

Tipping Level, Ben Shephard: “Which mayonnaise-based dressing is thought to be named after an archipelago on the US/Canada border?”

Reece: “Hellmann’s.”

Bradley Walsh: “What sea reptile follows mock in the name of a soup?”

Becky: “Chameleon.”

Bradley Walsh: “What large mammals perform trunk shakes when they meet?”

Joanna: “Dolphins.”

Random TV irritations

Kiri Pritchard-McLean including a bloody annoying snigger however no jokes to Have I Received Information For You.

EastEnders teenager Keanu rutting with Sharon “the Morlock” Mitchell.

 Kiri Pritchard-McLean, taking a turn in the Have I Got News For You hotseat

Getty – Contributor

Kiri Pritchard-McLean, taking a flip in the Have I Received Information For You hotseat

Love Island reject Eyal Booker nonetheless imagining he’s deep and religious moderately than simply younger and pretentious on Celebs Go Courting.

Soccer Saturday informing me that Ryan Fraser’s in the Bournemouth line-up when he wasn’t match sufficient to play for Scotland in Israel, a few days earlier than.

And Autumnwatch New England’s Chris Packham telling Michaela Strachan “I’m going to put your birthday in my moose calendar,” like the scorching pants years on The Hit Man And Her by no means existed.


• MEANWHILE on Huge Brother, a uncommon second of self-doubt for Lewis F: “It seems like I’m being used as a scapegoat, or maybe I’m just a d**khead.” However relaxation assured, Lewis, you’re definitely no scapegoat.


BBC1’s sensible and gripping Informer immediately turning into the greatest drama on telly.

Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie watching Michael Portillo, Andrew Neil and Caroline Flint do the Skibidi dance at the finish of This Week.

Future Prime Minister Johnny Mercer MP making an attempt to determine between abject failure on C4’s Superstar Hunted or spending two weeks with a clearly smitten Kay Burley.

And sensible Celebs Go Courting narrator Rob Beckett completely punctuating Eyal’s date with “spiritual” Emma.

“In another life I was a monkey and then a lion.” “Really?” “No, he wasn’t.”



 Wrestler or cheating comic - which is the faker?

Wrestler or dishonest comedian – which is the faker?

THIS week’s winner is Sean(n) Walsh and the plastic doll model of former WWE wrestler Edge.

Emailed in by Ricky James. Image analysis: Amy Studying.


Jonathan Ross: “One of the best stand-ups around and host of the very funny Mash Report, it’s Nish Kumar.”

The Huge Audition, Martin: “This is not the last you’ve seen of Martin. Martin will come back bigger and better.”

And Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan: “I have one Big Mac every seven or eight weeks.”

Yeah, proper, and all vacation depart’s cancelled at Burger King in the meantime?

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