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‘I drank a bottle of wine a day through THREE pregnancies and thought they’d be fine

‘I drank a bottle of wine a day through THREE pregnancies and thought they'd be fine

SIPPING a bottle of wine on the best way house from a being pregnant scan and collapsing in a drunken haze was the norm for Anna Elston all through all three of her pregnancies.

The 45-year-old mum, from Bournemouth, is now a recovered alcoholic – however it was solely 11 years in the past that she was consuming a minimal of a bottle of wine each day- even when pregnant – inflicting her to lose her youngsters, her job, and even attempt and take her personal life.

 Anna knew that drinking in pregnancy was wrong, but she couldn't help but drink through her three pregnancies

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Anna knew that consuming in being pregnant was mistaken, however she could not assist however drink through her three pregnancies

“I really loved my children,” she bravely tells the cameras filming the newest documentary on alcoholism. “I loved them like any mother loves their child – but I still drank.”

Regardless of a rise in reputation in clear dwelling, alcohol dependency has reached its highest determine ever-  and 9 million Brits now depend on booze to get through the day.

Channel 5’s My Alcohol Habit seems to be into the lives of eight ex-alcoholics.

Right here, the Solar On-line reveals three of the heart-breaking tales.

‘I drank round the clock while pregnant’

 She admits to Channel 5 that alcohol was an escape from problems she hid from the world

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She admits to Channel 5 that alcohol was an escape from issues she hid from the world

Regardless of – as she places it: “having everything” – a place to stay and a regular job – Anna’s consuming behavior started as an escape from her issues.

“Deep down I wasn’t feeling very good about myself,” she says. “I got into the habit of drinking when I came home after a day at work, and before long I was drinking a bottle of wine an evening.”

When Anna fell pregnant together with her first of three sons she knew the dangers related to consuming in being pregnant – together with untimely births – however could not cease her habit.

 Anna continued to drink throughout her three pregnancies with her sons

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Anna continued to drink all through her three pregnancies together with her sons

“I might say to myself: ‘I can’t do something about that so I’ll simply take folic acid and every thing will be fine’,” Anna provides. “I really loved him and I wanted to take care of him, but I kept drinking.”

Fortunately the infant was born wholesome, and so was her second son shortly after regardless that she admits she was consuming ‘chaotically’ and ‘around the clock’.

“When I got pregnant again my drinking was in full swing,” she admits. “My youngest was born very prematurely at 1lb 12oz and I tried really hard to stop. But once he was safe my drinking crept in again.”

Social providers intervened – realising Anna was consuming – and took Anna’s two eldest sons away whereas her third was taken to intensive care straight after he was born.

 Her youngest son was born prematurely and was kept in hospital, weighing 1lb 12oz

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Her youngest son was born prematurely and was stored in hospital, weighing 1lb 12oz

“I drank bottle after bottle – and at that point I was drinking to die,” she says. “I didn’t want to be in the world at that point. There was nothing in me, I was spent, I was soulless.”

Discovered slumped in a automotive park, Anna was taken into rehab, however simply two days after her launch issues turned so determined that she tried to take her personal life.

She says: “I just drank and drank and drank, and then I thought it would be a good idea to take all my antidepressants in one go.”

 Anna's drink problem meant she lost her children to social services, leaving her to sink further into addiction

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Anna’s drink drawback meant she misplaced her youngsters to social providers, leaving her to sink additional into habit

However she was discovered and taken to hospital, and having survived a suicide try, Anna was determined that she was going to kick her habit as soon as and for all and get her sons again from social providers.

Over time and through quitting the drink, Anna’s boys have been all returned residence to her within the early years of her rehabilitation, together with her youngest son, who absolutely recovered from his untimely start.

 Anna changed her life to get her sons back, and she now lives in Bournemouth with the boys

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Anna modified her life to get her sons again, and she now lives in Bournemouth with the boys

“It wasn’t just the stopping drinking, it was working out how to maintain that in life,” she says of her restoration. “I drove through one pair of traffic lights next to the booze shop with my eyes shut – that was less dangerous than looking at it.”

Anna has now been sober for 11 years and lives a regular household life together with her sons, working as an habit counsellor for the Amy Winehouse Basis.

“I would rather chop off my arm than drink again,” she admits.

 Anna now works for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which works with people fighting addictions

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Anna now works for the Amy Winehouse Basis, which works with individuals preventing addictions

‘I hit my spouse in entrance of our youngsters – then went to jail’

Additionally within the documentary is Jay Keenan, 42. He had his first drink when he was solely 12 years previous, sneaking half a bottle of vodka from his mother or father’s drinks cupboard when it was left unlocked and creating a style for booze early.

“It was fantastic! I’d met my best friend which was alcohol,” Jay says of the time. “It was just normal for me; maybe it was from what I’d seen my mum and dad doing.”

However Jay’s consuming turned critical as he grew up, dwelling off of eight and ten cans of beer each day when he obtained married in his early 20s, and later topping it off with a few bottles of vodka.

 Jay's addiction was sparked by watching his mum and dad as a child, and he first tasted vodka aged 12

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Jay’s habit was sparked by watching his mum and dad as a youngster, and he first tasted vodka aged 12

“One day my wife locked me out the house because she was clearly concerned for her safety,” he says. “But I just battered my way in, went upstairs assaulted her in front of the children. I ended up in prison.”

Jay discovered methods round sobriety in jail by studying to make hooch, a do-it-yourself jail alcohol, and to make up for misplaced time, when launched he spent £three,500 on a alcohol binge lasting three months.

“I’d wake up at about 5am and open a bottle of vodka and drink that between being sick,” he says of his way of life after jail. “After which I might open one other, and one other till I went to mattress.

 Jay was drinking almost seventy times more than the recommended weekly allowance suggests

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Jay was consuming virtually seventy occasions greater than the really helpful weekly allowance suggests

“And I was told on numerous occasions that one more drink would kill me but I didn’t care,” he says, admitting at that time he was an having an unimaginable 1000 models of alcohol a week, 70 occasions greater than the advisable allowance.

However issues rotated when he acquired an emergency name from the physician, who defined Jay was going into kidney and liver failure, and unlikely to outlive till the next week, he wanted to go to rehab.

While there, Jay met his present associate Maria who he at present lives with in Liverpool, and now sober for two years, the pair have a younger daughter, April.

 Jay now works at the rehab centre that treated him for his addiction, helping others to overcome alcohol

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Jay now works on the rehab centre that handled him for his habit, serving to others to beat alcohol

“Now, to have that relationship with my daughter, it’s fantastic and it’s a beacon of light of what my life should have been like all along,” he says.

Trying to flip his dangerous experiences into one thing good, Jay went again to school to review social care, and he now works on the similar rehab facility which he was put through, serving to others to recuperate.

‘I collapsed and was advised I might die’

Shameless actress Tina Malone, 55, is one other of the present’s recovered alcoholics.

Tina says she began consuming at house, sneaking the occasional sip of martini or advocaat as a youngster at Christmas, or consuming a small glass of pink wine over dinner together with her mother and father.

 Actress Tina used to sneakily drink from a young age, collecting many bottles in her bedroom

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Actress Tina used to sneakily drink from a younger age, amassing many bottles in her bed room

However this escalated shortly, Tina says: “Suddenly I went from that to I wasn’t going to have one glass, I’ll have three bottles. It was all indulgence.”

The actress remembers that at age 15, her mum moved across the furnishings in her bed room to seek out 30 or extra bottles of martini and gin stashed away and hidden for her secret tipples.

 Tina was told she would die if she didn't quit the alcohol after collapsing from dehydration

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Tina was advised she would die if she did not give up the alcohol after collapsing from dehydration

“Maybe the drinking was attention seeking or to annoy my mum,” she provides. “But I was a jolly drunk so I could quite often hide what I was drinking and how much of it.”

In 1995, Tina was hospitalised after struggling a panic assault, and docs recognized her with extreme dehydration and acute hypertension from the alcohol.

She continues: “The doctor said to me ‘you know you’re going to die’ and I just wouldn’t hear it – I said I wasn’t an alcoholic but he said if I carried on, I’d be dead in two years.”

 Tina decided to go to the AA, and it was there she began her recovery now over 20 years ago

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Tina determined to go to the AA, and it was there she started her restoration now over 20 years in the past

It was then that Tina began to attend AA conferences and speak about her consuming.

“I felt a bit of a fraud,” she provides. “Some of the people at AA were homeless and desperate, or drank to medicate. But I was addicted.”

Now free from her ‘demon’ for over 20 years, Tina enjoys life at house together with her husband Paul Chase and her younger daughter Flame with out having to drink the times away.

Concluding the documentary, partially a response to the ever growing numbers of British individuals being hospitalised for drink associated issues, Tina says: “Alcohol is a bigger demon that we think.”

My Alcohol Habit airs Thursday 10th January at 10pm on Channel 5.

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