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Ebony from Team2Moms on Queer Families and Black Women’s Health

Ebony from Team2Moms on Queer Families and Black Women’s Health

On this installment of a brand new and sometimes occurring Creators for Good collection, Lina Renzina – who handles Expertise Relations and Partnerships on the Advert Council – will sit down with creators to study extra about how they’re utilizing their voice to make a distinction. And for extra on the What and Why of the collection, take a look at the primary installment proper right here. 

At the moment, black ladies within the U.S. are about 40% extra more likely to die from breast most cancers than white ladies. This Breast Most cancers Consciousness Month I sat down with Ebony (who her over 200,000 YouTube subscribers will know as one half of the adults on the family-friendly Team2Moms YouTube channel) to debate her journey to creating content material as a two mother household and her work as a breast most cancers danger consciousness advocate via our Know Your Women marketing campaign.

Ebony is a mom of three youngsters; Olivia, Jayden, Lucas. Ebony and her spouse have been collectively for 12 years and married for eight years. They love recording family-friendly movies and sharing their lives with the world. Ebony hopes to encourage, inform and join with individuals who can relate to her story and may think about sharing their very own story of “coming out.”

Popping out is a journey of self-acceptance, and Ebony hopes to encourage the braveness in her viewers to be authentically who they’re. Team2Moms would really like for his or her viewers to comprehend that the life they envision dwelling is in reality attainable. That having a companion, profession, and household is feasible, regardless of being stigmatized by society.

Lina Renzina: Why is social activism necessary to you?

Ebony: Social activism is essential to me as a result of once you really feel very passionate bringing about social change and consciousness to issues of inequality, one should not keep silent or complacent. Being a Mother has additionally given me a higher ardour to struggle for a greater future for our youngsters and generations to return.

LR: How did you get began as an LGBTQ+ YouTuber?

E: How I received began as an LGBTQ+ YouTuber was truly fairly unintentional. My spouse and I uploaded a video (considering on the time it will solely be one video) about our pleasure for President Obama being re-elected for his second time period in 2012. Once we filmed that video, Olivia, my daughter, was sitting on my spouse’s lap. As soon as we uploaded that video, the feedback, to our shock, have been ALL about how can she have two mothers. This instantly knowledgeable us that there was a have to share our story about same-sex parenting.

LR:What made you determine to take to YouTube as a platform?

E: What made us take to YouTube as a platform was its capacity to succeed in a big numerous viewers the world over by means of video. As well as, the liberty and management you’ve as a creator to add.

LR: What has been the most important impediment you will have needed to overcome all through your journey as a YouTuber and how did you develop from it?

E: The most important impediment I’ve needed to overcome all through my journey as a YouTuber was the belief that not everybody goes to be accepting of how our household was shaped. There’s nonetheless an enormous a part of society that really feel same-sex parenting isn’t in a toddler’s greatest curiosity and that a baby ought to be raised beneath the affect of their organic father and mom. I’ve been capable of develop from this as a result of it gave me a good greater objective and purpose to maintain sharing our story and advocate for LGBTQ+ parenting.

LR: What varieties of issues do you need to think about provided that your complete household, youngsters included, are such an enormous/seen a part of your channel?

E: An important factor we take into accounts provided that our whole household is seen on-line is our security, particularly whenever you can’t probably know everybody who’s watching your movies and their intent. We’ve grow to be very cautious with sharing our location in actual time, displaying any private info reminiscent of our tackle, and even withholding our final identify from social media. One other factor we think about is the kind of content material we add. As a result of we now have youngsters, we wish to ensure that our content material is family-friendly, freed from profanity, and one thing they might be pleased with when they’re older.

LR: With so many various manufacturers/companions coming to you with content material creation asks and alternatives, how do you determine which points/partnerships to take on?

E: We determine which partnerships to take on by two elements; their messaging and if it aligns with us. It is extremely essential in commercial to see a various illustration and inclusiveness of all kinds of households. We love when manufacturers determine this.

As well as, we genuinely need to help or have used the product we’re partnering with, which creates an natural relationship between our viewers and that model.

LR: What has been one among your favourite model partnerships to be part of and what made it so particular?

E: It’s so onerous to decide on only one however one among our favourite model partnerships so far can be with Johnson & Johnson‘s and their Care With Satisfaction initiative, which strives to brazenly champion love, equality and look after all individuals inside the LGBTQ+ group. This really resonated with us and aligned with our values. As well as, my spouse and I have been raised utilizing their product and our youngsters use it as we speak.

LR: Why was taking on breast most cancers consciousness and the Know Your Women message essential to you?

E: Taking on breast most cancers consciousness and the Know Your Women message is necessary to me due to my expertise of dropping my aunt to breast most cancers. That is one thing that I do know my aunt can be pleased with. She all the time needed, not solely the ladies in our household, however for all ladies (and males) to know their dangers for breast most cancers.

LR: How has your viewers responded to the message? Is it resonating with them?

E: Our viewers has responded very nicely to the message and it’s superb to see them share their very own private experiences with breast most cancers. Listed here are just some of their feedback:

All About Joey Sings: “This is why we LOVE you! You are making a difference and saving lives with every video you post!  And I’m sorry about your lost! Hold your head up high and continue to make a change… love you!”

Dab on Unicorns: “This hit so close to home. Like seriously. My grandmother had breast cancer, and she beat it twice. I’m so proud of her. She still gets chemo, but she no longer has cancer, which makes me so so so happy and proud to call her my grandmother. My great grandmother also had it. So that means it’s a hereditary disease I am likely to get when I’m older. This is so important to know these things and understand your breasts before it’s too late to have that understanding of yourself and your body. Thank you so so so much for spreading awareness ❤️❤️❤️”

Sydney Blue: “I am so happy you came out with this video. On February 22 of this year my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and it literally scared me to death. This woman has been a huge part of my life and I love her dearly and I can’t imagine my life without her right now. Thankfully we had found many organizations who helped us learn more about breast cancer and the signs of it and what I can do myself to prevent it. I can happily say 4 months later my mom is still going strong and supporting me and my brother and she was even able to see him graduate from high school yesterday.”

Angel N: “I want to thank you so much for working with this organization because this is a cause that I’m currently dealing with, I found a noticeable lump in my breast possibly at the end of last year then a few months ago in March I made an appointment with my OBGYN who confirmed that not only did I find a mass but he found a second one in the same breast. I was scheduled a week later for a mammogram and ultrasound that also confirmed the masses then in April I had my biopsy’s done, I received the results almost two weeks later at this time I don’t have breast cancer but one of the masses has become bigger and I have been in pain more frequently so I had another appointment with a surgeon a few days ago where they scheduled me for another ultrasound and we’ll go from there.  Because I’m dealing with these issues I’m at higher risk for breast cancer so I’m doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of the process. A few days ago I received a call that my aunt who had already had cancer and beat it now had a lump in her breast but she got her results and it was just extra tissue so I am happy to say she is still cancer free. I love you Ebony & Denise you ladies are amazing!! Stay blessed”

LR: You’ve shared your aunt’s story and how her story made you and the ladies in your loved ones conscious of your personal dangers for breast most cancers. What would you say to a lady who hasn’t been prioritizing her breast well being or who doesn’t know the place to go for help?

E: I might say to that lady that loving your self and your breast ought to be a precedence. With loving your self, means taking good care of your self. Understanding your dangers for breast most cancers can save your life. To get help and extra info, they need to go to

LR: What does being a Know Your Women ambassador imply to you and how does it impression your channel?

E: Being a Know Your Women ambassador means the whole lot to me and has given me the chance to not solely be an advocate inside the LGBTQ+ group however to advocate for a number of causes. It has impacted my channel in an uplifting method. Once I learn all these feedback from the video sharing Know Your Women messaging, I related much more with them. It created a further perspective for our channel and a objective to teach about different points.

LR: What’s one factor you need others to remove from your advocacy?

E: One factor I might need others to remove from my advocacy is that ANYONE can use their voice to teach or battle for a trigger.

LR: What has your advocacy taught you about your self?

E: What advocacy has taught me about myself is to by no means be complacent or silent on problems with inequality.

Lina Renzina leads the Advert Council’s expertise engagement program (Creators for Good) that matches and maintains wealthy partnerships between conventional/digital expertise and 40+ nationwide absolutely built-in PSA campaigns. Her earlier expertise in expertise administration at ICM Companions, theatrical producing and advertising is testomony to a ardour for the humanities, accessibly reaching audiences and digital innovation.

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